Spinnerets made by enka tecnica were there right at the start of the synthetic fibre boom, during the first half of the last century. Whether it’s industrial yarns, yarns for apparel/textiles, cleaning cloths, wadding nonwovens, disposables, dialysis filters, carbon composite materials or carpet yarns, the pioneering development and absolute precision of Enka Tecnica spinnerets have become fundamental elements of the production process for thousands of customers around the world. 

If you are looking for a partner who can support you in implementing new ideas then enka tecnica is just the right company for you. Backed by over 100 years of customised technology, Enka Tecnica is ideally positioned to transform your ideas in to tailor-made fibres and yarns.

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You can find our spinnerets everywhere

  • Nonwovens (spunbond and meltblown)
  • Spinnerets
  • Distributor Plates
  • Perforated Plates
  • Coat hangers
  • Spinning beams up to 8m in length
  • Jet strips (for hydroentangling)
  • Refurbish and repair

Wet Spinning (acetate tow, viscose, aramids)

  • Round or profiled hole shapes
  • Variety of hole patterns
  • More than 100,000 orifices possible
  • Mounts and spinning packs available

Melt Spinning (filaments and staple fibres)

  • Monofilament
  • Bi-component
  • Tri-component
  • Microfilaments (island in a sea, segmented pie, split or sheath-core fibres)


Micro Components (hollow spinnerets and spinning packs)

  • Calibration nozzles
  • Hollow membrane nozzles
  • Sonic nozzles
  • Tactile probes
  • Glue nozzles
  • Custom made micromachining tools

Uncompromising quality throughout

  • Material selection - from stainless steel to precious metal alloys such as tantalum
  • Drilling the holes - sometimes tens of thousands of holes
  • Various hole shapes - round, trilobal, delta etc.
  • Surface treatment

Restoration services

Spinnerets are exposed to extreme forces, so it’s no surprise they sometimes need a little TLC. Enka Tecnica engineers have developed methods for revamping spinnerets with no sacrifice in quality and at extremely attractive financial rates.

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Refurbishment of capillaries & surfaces
  • Repairing damage to capillaries and nozzle surfaces
  • Modifying and optimising nozzles
  • Drill or close existing holes
  • Refurbish entire meltblown systems

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Download the Enka Tecnica Datasheet | 12/06/2014