Fi-Tech, Inc. - MOZART partner for almost 25 years

It is hard to believe so many successful years have passed since our cooperation began...

In 2018, Fi-Tech, Inc. will celebrate 25 years of successful cooperation with Mozart AG in the North American Market. It is hard to believe so many successful years have passed since our cooperation began in July 1993. Like Mozart, Fi-Tech is a family run agency and distribution company with operations in both Richmond, VA and San Luis Potosi, Mexico. 

Fi-Tech specializes in the supply of technical components, spare parts and turnkey equipment used in the manufacture of synthetic fibers, nonwoven fabrics, textiles and composite materials. Started by Lee Bassett in 1972, Fi-Tech has grown from a 1 person firm to over 70 employees spread across 5 companies in the USA, Mexico, and United Kingdom. Today, Lee's sons, Todd and Jeff Bassett run the business. 

In addition to the agency and distribution business in N. America, Fi-Tech owns and operates three specialist knife manufacturing companies: 


  • Arkote Ltd in Sheffield manufactures knives for the global tobacco industry 
  • Hardy Ltd manufactures knives for the leather/tannery industry 
  • HMK Ltd manufacturers carbide knives and wear parts for a number of different industries 

Through our mutual efforts and cooperation, the Mozart and Fi-Tech teams have successfully worked together building strong market penetration in North America. With supreme quality and strong local customer support, the Mozart brand is widely accepted and recognized as first choice by the customers in N. America. We are looking forward to continue this story of success!


Last Updated: 10/07/2017
Author: Rob Andrews

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