Since opening for business in 1956, Sikoplast has been renowned as a supplier of high quality thermoplastic recycling lines. Today this experience is combined with modern manufacturing technology, which has broadened the product range beyond conventional recycling lines to include washing plants, post-consumer waste processing, silos, conveyor belts, granulators and pelletizer systems.

Off-line re-pelletising Plants with extruder

  • Developed for edge trim, drive rollers and waste from plastic processing
  • Input materials - film, nonwovens, injection-moulded parts, hollow tubes, drive lumps, milled goods, fibres,yarns, monofilaments
  • Material are gently melted under hermetically sealed conditions to avoid oxidation
  • Suitable for printed and coated materials
  • Clean production waste and lightly soiled/damp materials can also be processed


  • Recycling is carried out in a single process resulting in first class pellets
  • Through put performance from 30kg/hr up to 1300kg/hr

In-line recycling Plants for film and nonwovens

  • Sikorex™ - developed for PE/PP nonwovens and films
  • Suitable for nonwovens with high melt flow index and 100% melt blown proportion processed with highest stability
  • Direct return of sorted post production waste as melted material into the production plant or raw material reactor
  • Return of roller goods or direct return of edge trim – infeed speeds up to 375m/min


  • Easily retro-fitted into existing plants
  • No preliminary shredding/pelletising required
  • Direct feedback into extruder
  • Reduced material handling and line downtime

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Pelletising systems – three alternatives to consider

1. Air Cooled System

  • Developed for LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE
  • Throughput performances up to 250kg/hr
  • Melt strings cut to form pellets
  • Air transportation and cooling – no direct water usage


  • Environmentally friendly, cost-effective to implement, fantastic reliability, compact & maintenance friendly design

2. Water-Ring System

  • Developed for PE, PP, (E/X)PS, ABS and similar plastics
  • Throughput performances up to 1,300kg/hr
  • Melt strings cut into pellets by rotating blade head
  • Centrifugal dryer removes residual moisture


  • Easy to implement, compact, reliable design

3. Under-Water System

  • Developed for PE, PP, (E/X)PS, ABS; plus PA, PET, PU etc
  • High viscose plastics can be processed
  • Throughput performances up to 1,300kg/hr
  • Melt strings cut into pellets by rotating blade head
  • Water-flow transportation and cooling
  • Centrifugal dryer removes residual moisture


  • Guaranteed equally sized pellets
  • Energy saving crystallization of pellets


  • Developed for shredding plastic items and post production waste
  • Suitable for - film, nonwovens, injection-moulded parts, hollow tubes, drive lumps, milled goods, fibres, yarns, monofilaments
  • Available as ‘wet granulator’ for soiled material
  • Throughput performance up to 2,000kg/hr
  • Milling material size can be controlled by screen selection
  • Special blade arrangement prevents blocking of granulator

Screen Changers

  • For filtering of thermoplastic melt
  • Variety of screen diameters up to 230mm
  • Throughput performance up to 1,300kg/hr
  • Two and four screen changers available
  • Hydraulic operation of piston
  • Constant pressure monitoring


  • Allows continuous, uninterrupted operation even during screen change
  • Simple operation, low maintenance

Washing Plants

  • Developed for plastic waste materials – bottles, films, technical plastics etc.
  • Washed materials are of the highest standard - suitable for use in food packaging
  • Full process lines include; pre-shredding, washing, ‘sink’ or ‘swim’ procedure, intensive washing, drying, packaging
  • Throughput performance up to 2,000kg/hr
  • Modular construction for tailored Plant layouts


  • Above average purity without addition of chemical washing aids
  • Low energy consumption through technology developments
  • ‘Closed circuit’ water recycling systems available – reducing environmental pressures

Along with conventional recycling plants, Sikoplast complements the core business with added value products such as conveyor belts, steelwork access/support rigs, pellet transport boxes and silos – offering tailor made systems that best suit customer demands.

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