Since becoming the world’s primary source for radial cutter repairs during the mid-1970’s, DM&E is now the only company worldwide with a primary focus on staple fibre cutting. The efficiency of the staple cutter is critical to producing quality fibre. Constant research in this field, coupled with intimate market partnerships, makes DM&E the largest producer of radial blade cutter reels and services in the world today.

For the non-traditional fibres market, ‘cut length distribution’ and ‘end cut quality’ are two issues most prevalent amongst producers. DM&E’s relationship with business sector partners has helped in the development and fine tuning of production processes for maximum efficiency; from tow presentation and crimp to blade spacing, tension control and monitoring software.

Cutter Reels
In 2000 DM&E purchased the rights to the Lummus Corporation product range, including the popular MKIV and MKV series radial cutters. DM&E now produces new cutter reels of unequalled quality for most makes of cutters, in stainless steel. All new reels incorporate the latest technology for processing and maintenance efficiency, with uniform or ‘vari-cut’ blade spacing - blade exposures from 6.4mm to 100mm available.

Radial Cutter Series
From the light-production Series 20 and 40 machines to high-production series 60, 90 and 120 cutters, synthetic fibre tows from less than 100,000 denier to over 8,000,000 denier can be processed, producing cut lengths from 1.5mm to 254mm at speeds from 50m/min to 450m/min. All cutters feature the latest pressure roll technology, with optional computer based CLI (Cut Load Indicator).

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Tension Stands
Consistent and uniform tension control is a prerequisite to controlling cut-length variation. DM&E tension stands range from traditional to sophisticated brake or motor controlled configurations, providing accurate tension control at virtually any tension or speed. Cutting Load Indicators (c/w PC hardware and read out software program) Development of the CLI to measure and analyse cutting forces presents staple fibre producers with a new monitoring and measurement tool. Graphic representations on a local PC screen show actual forces in real-time. The extraordinary sensitivity of the unit provides instantaneous detection of cutting anomalies, e.g. a blade breakage, preventing further equipment damage or the production of contaminated product. CLM (Cutting Load Meter) is our latest offering.


Services available for older installations include;

  • Tow Guide Retrofit (for Lummus MKIV & V)
  • Cutter Reel Refurbishment/Repair
  • Cutter Reel Inspection Stands
  • Presser Wheel Retrofit (for Lummus MKIV & V)
  • CLM

DM&E manufactures small to medium size crimpers for processing tow from 30,000 d [33 ktext] to 1,500,000 d [151 ktex]. DM&E is committed to assist owners of larger crimpers in maintaining high standards and superior production. Rather than compete (Neumag and Fleissner manufacture excellent examples of larger tow crimpers) we have chosen to repair and rebuild these larger crimpers.

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